What is mediation?

A confidential problem-solving process in which a trained neutral (mediator) assists the parties in communicating what is important in the dispute; creating and negotiating options; and crafting agreements that are fair, realistic and durable.

Mediation is a voluntary process which is done in good faith by all parties. The mediators ensure a safe and respectful process for the parties involved.


  • neighbor-neighbor
  • divorce
  • landlord/tenant
  • consumer/merchant
  • real estate
  • community issues
  • small claims
  • regular claims
  • condominium
  • civil rights
  • special education
  • parenting plans
  • kupuna/caregiver
  • and much more…


We use a sliding scale to determine fees for mediation.

The fees range from $70.00 – $485.00 for a session. Sessions range from 1-3 hours. For those with financial hardships, we either reduce the fee or waive it entirely.

Facilitation Services

Facilitation is a process whereby a trained, neutral facilitator assists a group with designing and conducting a meeting (or series of meetings) to realize the desired objectives of the group. Appropriate agenda development, effective meeting process and designated outcomes are the result. It is a fair, respectful, timely and cost effective approach.