Become a Mediator

Becoming a volunteer mediator for our Center is an opportunity to contribute to your community in a very worthwhile and meaningful way. Our mediators experience personal growth and understanding while helping the residents of West Hawaii resolve their disputes with facilitative mediation.

We use a co-mediator method that allows our volunteer mediators to work together to improve their mediation skills. Contact the Center for additional information or to answer any questions you may have about becoming a mediator for the Center or mediation training.

Basic Mediation Training:
October 18 & 19 and 25 & 26, 2019
Hawaiʻi Community College — Pālamanui, Kailua Kona

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Basic mediators lead community members through a confidential process that assists businesses, employees, consumers and neighbors resolve their disputes. Mediators are neutral parties who assist others in resolving conflict in mediation. The participants will acquire skills in communication, negotiation and problem solving. Upon completion of the trainings, participants interested in becoming volunteer mediators with the center can take additional apprenticeship components.