When can you schedule me for a mediation session?
Mediations are scheduled by appointment only. We schedule a date and time that works for clients, mediators and conference room availability. We schedule Monday – Friday, except on major holidays. Average wait time for a mediation is 4-6 weeks.

Where does mediation take place?
We hold sessions virtually via Zoom, and in-person in Kona and Waimea.

Should an attorney attend the mediation with me? 
Attorneys may attend mediation, but it’s not required. If you have an attorney who does not attend with you, you may contact them at any time during the session. Prior to signing an agreement, you may review it with your attorney during or after your mediation.

What if the other party doesn’t want to participate? 
Mediation is voluntary. Both parties must agree to mediate for a mediation to be scheduled. A participant may choose to opt out of mediation at any time, for any reason.

Can I request mediation at my court hearing? 
Yes, you can request mediation when your case has been called. The judge will determine if it’s appropriate to mediate at that time.

What is the cost of mediation? 
Each participant is assigned a mediation fee. Fees vary based on annual income. Fees range from $70 – $485+ per person, per session.

How does my mediation stay confidential? 
WHMC staff and mediators take your confidentiality seriously. All participants and mediators are required to signed a confidentiality pledge prior to starting the mediation.