Become a Mediator

WHMC relies greatly on volunteers to serve our West Hawaii community. The role of a mediator is to guide participants through the mediation process, helping them explore their own best solutions. While the role of a mediator is voluntary, the work in the community requires ongoing training, mediation practice, and dedication to the program. We have high expectations of our mediators as the quality of their performance directly reflects on the quality of our service. Therefore, it is an expectation that our volunteers adhere to the following:

Delivering high quality services to the community
Remain impartial & non-judgmental
Open to all types of outcomes
Ability to receive & deliver feedback

Ongoing requirements of WHMC mediators
Mediating 1 – 2 times per month
8 hours of annual continuing education
Foster co-mediator partnerships; open and honest communication, timely feedback, support each other

Training Updates can be found here: