WHMC background


Mediation is a confidential problem-solving process in which a trained mediation team assists the parties in communicating what is important in the dispute, creating and negotiating options, and crafting agreements that are fair, realistic and durable. It is a voluntary process that is carried out in good faith by all parties. The mediators ensure a safe and respectful process for the parties involved.

We mediate conflict of all kinds, including

  • neighbor-neighbor
  • divorce
  • landlord-tenant
  • consumer-merchant
  • real estate
  • community issues
  • small claims
  • regular claims
  • condominium see the DCCA Brochure
  • civil rights
  • special education
  • parenting plans
  • kupuna/caregiver
  • and much more…

To schedule a mediation

Complete our online intake form or call WHMC’s case manager at (808) 885-5525.

Answering the intake questions takes 10-20 minutes. You will be required to provide general information about yourself and the case as well as the other participant(s) name(s) and contact information so that the case manager may reach out to assess their willingness to participate in mediation and conduct the same intake process. Once all participants have agreed to mediate and completed the intake process, a mediation will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable date and time. Depending on availability, scheduling can take up to 10 weeks.

What to expect at your mediation session

Two mediators will be assigned to guide the session with you and the other party. Generally, all participants start in the same room. There will be a series of private sessions with each participant; one participant waits outside while the other participant meets in a confidential session with the mediators.

If agreements are reached, the mediators will draft an agreement for each participant to review and then sign. Note: Participants have the opportunity to review their agreement with a qualified advisor before signing.


A confidentiality pledge is signed by all participants and mediators prior to your mediation beginning. You can view a copy of the pledge here


We use a sliding scale  based on annual income to determine fees for mediation. Each participant is assigned a minimal mediation fee.

For individuals, fees range from $70.00 – $485.00 per session. Sessions range from 2-3 hours. For those with financial hardships, we can either reduce the fee or waive it entirely. Some district court referred cases are free of charge.

Payment is due prior to scheduling your mediation.