Workplace Conflict Services

Professional Development: Managing Workplace Conflict

We offer customized trainings in strategies to:

  • identify and work with conflict 
  • employ effective communication 
  • build a productive workplace environment 
  • conduct difficult conversations
  • develop emotional intelligence 
  • understand the framework of unique aspects of the workplace in Hawai’i.  


Workplace Conflict Hotline

We offer  a confidential place to call for conversations with a professional in conflict management and transformation who will listen and coach managers and employees through conflicts at work. Call  (808) 664-4347 or email  

Employee Mediation

We provide an informal, confidential process with skilled mediators who create a safe, respectful environment in which employees can work through conflict by exploring options and negotiating solutions, and creating realistic, durable agreements which help parties to move forward. Mediations can be conducted between employees, management and/or teams.  All parties must be willing to participate.



Peaceful Workplace Coaching

Are you looking for one-on-one  coaching for managers and employees for how to create and maintain a productive, peaceful work environment?


Facilitated Group Mediation

We lead calm conversations with groups who are in conflict to help them solve problems and find creative solutions while protecting individuals in the group.


Restorative Justice

We conduct meetings that bring together those affected by hurtful behavior at work to provide a safe place for the expression of feelings, identifying sources of harm, and uncovering a way to move forward, rebuild damaged relationships and strengthen teams, enabling them to work more productively together. A restorative practice aims to build better relationships and a stronger community. 


Contact: Kate Sims at (808) 664-4347 or email