Mediation centers launch program for kupuna, caregivers

Ku‘ikahi Mediation Center and West Hawaii Mediation Center have teamed up to launch a new islandwide program, Communication and Conflict Resolution Support for Kupuna and Caregivers, in partnership with the Hawaii County Office of Aging.

“The mediation centers offer a safe space for having difficult conversations, making tough decisions, and resolving disputes that can often arise in caregiving situations,” said Julie Mitchell, Ku‘ikahi’s executive director. “Issues that can be discussed in mediation include living arrangements, financial support, durable and medical powers of attorney, as well as changing roles, shared decision-making, and divvying up responsibilities.”

The mediation centers offer free or low-cost mediation and conflict resolution support services for these types of situations and more. Contact the mediation centers for more information if you are caring for an adult age 60 and older or for an individual with Alzheimer’s or a related disorder age 60 and older.

Caregivers include spouses, adult children, siblings, other relatives, friends, neighbors or other unpaid helpers.

In August and October, the mediation centers will offer workshops in Hilo and Kona for caregivers of adults 60 and older.

For more information in East Hawaii, contact Ku‘ikahi Mediation Center at 935-7844 or In West Hawaii, contact West Hawaii Mediation Center at 885-5525 or

Original post at Hawaii Tribune Herald